Our ethos at TG Ski is about creating the best experiences for our guests. We want to enable our guests to indulge and relax for every second of the precious time that they have away from busy schedules. We have invested in creating the right environment, worked tirelessly to build a team with knowledge and passion and spent years filling in the detail so that the service our guests receive, creates the holiday that we would want to go on.



TG Ski was established in 2004 by founding directors Tom Miklausic and George Powell. In its inaugural seasons, TG Ski was formed on principals “what is our perfect ski holiday”. These principles created a service true to their personalities and has proven to appeal to anyone wanting to indulge themselves and make the most of their precious holiday time.

Managing Director Tom Marley-Shaw joined TG Ski in 2008 as equal partner and continues to manage the business today. 



The company was founded on lifelong friendships and the importance of people. This grows with the TG family now. Whether it is the family and friends of TG Ski, the 150+ chalet hosts, drivers and managers or the thousands of guests we have welcomed. People enjoying the brand is the core mission. TG Ski is proud of our brand and excited to welcome new guests and old.

We have a small UK office in Cheshire comprising a team of ski enthusiasts. Our French team flexes each year with new and return seasonal staff, managed by our permanent operations manager, Galia.


The team behind the brand

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Tom Marley-Shaw   

Managing Director, Tom is at the centre of everything TG Ski. His experience with many of the leading brands in the Ski Chalet industry have helped shape TG Ski into the business that it is today. His time invested in recruiting the right people for the brand is integral to the company. When he is not overseeing the running of the business; he can be found on a bike on the roads of Cheshire or the infamous climbs of the Alps.

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George Powell   

Director, George is one of the founding partners of TG Ski. His background in French and economics and passion for snow sports led him to business in the Alps. George is integral to our French relations and company development. He is also a commercial sports and portrait photographer.

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Tom Miklausic

Director, Tom is one of the founding partners of TG Ski. After a successful career in professional rugby, Tom's drive and enthusiasm was turned to the Alps. Tom's values can be felt across the brand. Tom is a Chartered Surveyor, working in retail across Europe.

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Felicity Marley-Shaw

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Caroline Davis

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Roz Webster

Felicity, Caroline and Roz run the TG UK Office. Whether it’s managing bookings, pre-departure assistance, recruiting our resort team or monitoring the current snow conditions, the office team genuinely love what they do. With a wealth of experience between them - chalet hosting, ski instructing, office management, customer services and Mums to little ones – the team are passionate about your stay and creating the perfect ski holiday tailored to you.


Gallia runs our operations and is based in Morzine year round, whilst also overseeing our team in Meribel during the winter. Dedicated, efficient and organised, Gallia is a fantastic longstanding member of our team. Her cheery can-do attitude inspires our resort team, and her keen eye ensures high standards and exceptional service throughout. She can often be found ski touring before sunrise, while the rest of Morzine is still asleep.