Paralympics in Pyeongchang


The South Korea Olympics has had us glued to our seats, whether it's the frighteningly fast luge or the slalom skiing which we excitedly cheered Team GB’s Dave Ryding into 9th place. The increasing popularity of the Paralympics which starts today shows what advances have been made in making snowsports more accessible for everyone, regardless of disability. The courage and sheer perseverance of the Paralympians is so impressive, and should be a reminder of the efforts involved by these tremendous athletes – which extends to whether they are professional Paralympians or those participating on a recreational basis. Imagine being able to ski blind, like those with visual impairments who ski with a guide, or those with limb-impairments pushing the boundaries of what’s ‘possible’. They act as a great source of inspiration, so the Paralympics is definitely worth a watch. Team GB is aiming for its biggest medal haul, and we’ll be keeping an eye on their progress.

Snowsports has come a long way in trying to increase accessibility to anyone who wants to enjoy it. Several charities and organisations now operate adaptive programmes with specialist knowledge and experience so they are better equipped to welcome disabled guests. Research done initially through the charity Scope in the 1970s showed the benefits of skiing in enhancing co-ordination, balance and self-awareness of those with cerebral palsy. This has continued with charities such as Disability Snowsport UK set up to encourage participation in snowsports. Incentives are available in resorts, such as the Portes Du Soleil offering a reduced-price lift pass for those with a disability (with sufficient proof from a UK doctor and disabled badge).

At TG Ski we can help to accommodate requests for guests with disabilities. Whether it’s our Chalet Les Pierrys having lift access to all floors, which is incredibly helpful for those with reduced mobility, and a bathroom with wider doors to allow access for a wheelchair. Or our links with recommended ski schools, some of whom have specially trained Adaptive Instructors, who cater for those with either physical disabilities, or learning difficulties and sensory impairment. First-hand, our team has experience working as part of the adaptive ski programme. We know the chalet holiday experience should be for the whole family, regardless of any disability. Speak to us for further information - we’re really happy to assist where we can, or to make enquiries on your behalf.